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Chapter 1 - Escape - Escape 18

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Escape 18

Chapter 1 - Escape

People still like this part, I don’t like it very much because I had a whole different personality for Laura in mind at this time, she evolved into a different thing later on and I always felt these pages were strange. I guess that’s why they say you have to make character sheets and define real GOOD a character personality before putting them into any story. I think there are just a “few” funny moments in Derideal because I later on took it too seriously, I wish I could put some more funny stuff but I don’t feel it’s the right story for it anymore… that’s why I decided to give “THE VOID” webcomic a different tone,  more lighthearted and adventure, it allows me to put more “funny” moments when required.


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Espacio publicitario
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