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Episode List

  • 01-Prime

    The Prime project, the first successful genetic experiment of the Consortium starts by chance.

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  • 02-Xeno

    The project Prime created a genetical enhanced animal... but what are its limits?

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  • 03-Companions

    After a traumatic procedure over the creature, he seems to gain consciousness...

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  • 04-Infiltration

    The rebels are making their move to infiltrate the Consortium main building...

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  • 05-Escape

    Aden and Laura attempt to escape the Consortium building, taking advantage of the rebel assault.

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  • 06- Last stand

    The battle outside the Consortium building seems to be over, and their soldiers attempt to capture Aden.

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  • 07-Turned

    Some time has passed since the last events... and things are now different, but how much?

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  • 08-Secret Ally

    Alpha meets an unexpected ally during a mission.

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  • 09-Home Prison

    Something goes wrong at the prison were Alpha lives... new clues are found.

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