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Arma pt2 - Arma 2-26

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Arma 2-26

Arma pt2

THE VOID EP5 was made with the support of the people in Patreon

THE VOID episode 5 continues the story of Rusty, Susu and Colt in their journey across THE VOID in search for Susu’s brother.

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no u
no u
9 months ago

The soldiers: Stupid creatures! Get away from that machine!
The xenos: Stupid creatures! stop shooting at things randomly!

seriously though, now I’m really interested in how this is going to end

9 months ago
Reply to  no u

I feel like when you’re up against a weird machine that speaks in an alien language and possesses people, “shoot it” and “try to make friends with it” are both bad options.

no u
no u
8 months ago
Reply to  Linebyline

true haha

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