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Arma pt2 - Arma 2-32

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Arma 2-32

Arma pt2

THE VOID EP5 was made with the support of the people in Patreon

THE VOID episode 5 continues the story of Rusty, Susu and Colt in their journey across THE VOID in search for Susu’s brother.

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no u
no u
25 days ago

arma is trying to be nice i think
but he’s also being kinda manipulative
this part is sad

25 days ago

The poor guy was acting tough without fear and without regret, but in fact he is perhaps the most fragile of the group trying desperately to hide these doubts.

22 days ago

I don’t like how his evil twin is going about wrapping him up. It makes me think he’s killing a part of himself to take control.

Not to mention, wasn’t the doggo friend body found outside the room we last saw being attacked by the shadows. Is he using an actual living body to mentally project killing a part of his psyche?

Espacio publicitario