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Arma pt2 - Arma 2-42 (END)

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Arma 2-42 (END)

Arma pt2

Thank you for reading the entire THE VOID comic series, I hope you liked the journey with these characters.

I have to come clean and say to you this is going to be the last episode of the series, I’m shutting down the project due several factors:

  • I’ve grown apart from the story
  • I don’t have the time to keep working on some many comics at the same time (unless Patreon grows enough for me to make comics forever)
  • I’ll be focusing in Derideal as much as I can.

THE VOID gave me value lessons and also good characters I’ve enjoyed, this comic story is somewhat still alive in my discord channel, where sometimes RPG sessions are held using this setting as base to build adventures.

I hope you understand my decission, it used to be easier for me to work in comics when I was a kid… now as I’ve grown older, I find myself with less time and energy, so I got to pick my battles better.

I made these last 2 episodes for Patreon supporters, to give them something special I wasn’t planning on doing before.

there are going to be more comics and these characters will probably continue to pop up in random art, and I know some extra comics related to some of these characters will be made too.

thanks! remember to continue reading Derideal!!

If you like my comics and work, please consider supporting me in Patreon, it would be of great help


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1 month ago

I love this story a lot it will be sad that its going to be ended or be put on hold. But i understand that life needs to be handled and i hope you are living your best Kiaun and that you are enyoing it. I just ask to keep doing everything you do with love so that we feel it. but back to the page. I have seen enough to know who this and i Love it. “no I am your sister!” XD i love this. I loves this a lot I do hope that someday this story gets… Read more »

Felix the Manul
Felix the Manul
1 month ago

Gotta admit, I love your weapon designs. Question: Is there any fictional guns you took inspiration of? They kinda remind me M41A Pulse Rifle.

1 month ago

Definitely not a possessed Susu. No sir. Or is it? Or maybe not? 🙂 I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad to see the series end, especially after a cliffhanger like that! But that’s how it is sometimes. I completely sympathize with not having the creative energy you did when you were younger and growing apart from some of your own ideas. It’s a bummer, but that’s life. I’m grateful for all the stories you’ve shared and I hope you’re able to keep making the things you want to make. I’ll be on board for just about any… Read more »

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