Episode List

  • Another Life

    An alternative version of the original Derideal prologue "The Dream", writen by Andrea Barra specially for the Project Prime Universe.

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  • Custus Part I

    Meet Rob, the next prototype of a new race of Xenos developed by the Consortium and the events occurring during his first official mission.

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  • Custus Part II - Can you escape from the Consortiums Grasp?

    Rob and Kitty's mission turns out to be something completely different.

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  • Custus Part III - For the time we have left

    Rob and Kitty's darkest hours.

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  • Custus Part IV - Fateful Role

    The conclusion of the Custus story.

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  • Xeno Experiments Nova

    Follow the adventure of commander Nova and the Nodriza's crew, one of the Exi clan space ships in exploration mission across the solar system. Xeno experiments Nova is a story that takes place around 150 years in the future, after Derideal and Custus storylines, in a futuristic setting in which humanity is gone from the planet and the Xeno creatures inhabit Earth freely. This is a prelude story, meant to present the future world and maybe further development of new stories in this setting.

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