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14-The Guilt - g03

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14-The Guilt

These are the entirely new episodes of Derideal, or “Derideal part 3”.

Derideal is now updating Monday and Wednesday!

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Sin of Avarice
Sin of Avarice
1 month ago

The Alpha better be careful what he says when Daniel gets to his room. If it gets out that he got this information from Ivory, she’s as good as dead.

Of course, it’s just as likely he’ll be unwilling to answer anything until he gets answers first. And if he decides he doesn’t like said answers? Well, as they say… Fuck around and find out.

1 month ago

A few possible explanations:

When they were putting your brain back together, they were nice enough to clean it first.

It wasn’t you; you’re an off-brand knock-off, almost as good at half the price and free shipping.


There’s nothing shady going on at all; you’re actually just really forgetful. You probably don’t remember that mission where you and Ivory had to infiltrate a pirate stronghold and blow up a giant brain, either.

Sin of Avarice
Sin of Avarice
1 month ago
Reply to  Linebyline

It’s definitely that last option, no doubt about it.

Espacio publicitario