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Chapter 4 - Project Prime - Project Prime 60 [Ending]

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Project Prime 60 [Ending]

Chapter 4 - Project Prime

Yes guys, this is the Part I ending, I know it’s very sad but I believe it was necessary to make a point:

When life it’s as unfair as it was for creatures with no real purpose in society, the changes of getting something different and happy was VERY DIFFICULT to almost impossible.

I made the mistake some years ago to say this was Derideal ending, but in reality it’s just the ending of Part I of Derideal, I always had in mind to continue the story from this point, but I had to take a long break because I was on college and had very little few time, plus I wanted to make something just as meaningful, If you’re reading the comic here, at it’s new page you’ll know there are more pages of this chapter, the epilogue I made to make a closure.

Sorry if you feel bad or angry at me because of Laura, but all I can say is to keep reading, there are more surprises and character in the future of Derideal.


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Espacio publicitario
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