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These are the entirely new episodes of Derideal, or “Derideal part 3”.

Derideal is now updating Monday and Wednesday!

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Felix the Manul
Felix the Manul
22 days ago

Burying yourself into your work is a good decision, I guess.

21 days ago

He’s just jealous that you have a cool helmet and he doesn’t.

Er, but seriously, that emphasis on the codename is indeed cold. And it’s probably unrelated to the fact that a real name is something else Ivory has that he doesn’t (that he knows of) but it still feels relevant.

The way he seems disgusted by her affection seems tragically ironic given that it’s out of affection—for Daniel—that he’s acting like this.

Sin of Avarice
Sin of Avarice
21 days ago

This is getting way too parallel to one of the side comics, and it does NOT end well for the female character…roles are semi reversed here though. Not looking good for Ivory’s continued health though.

Especially as Alpha’s obedient and Ivory’s clearly not.

Espacio publicitario