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These are the entirely new episodes of Derideal, or “Derideal part 3”.

Derideal is now updating Monday and Wednesday!

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Felix the Manul
Felix the Manul
2 months ago

I often forget how graceful cats actually are, and it seems that here they still are, even being in humanoid form.
I mean… I dunno, maybe it’s me being clumsy oaf, but looking at the wall ruins they are standing on doesn’t give out as a proper footing to me.

2 months ago

Being there while drones are patrolling the place could mean many things.

  1. It could be with the problems the Consortium has had with constructs, they don’t trust their machines as much to do jobs on their own.
  2. The Consortium might not want to put actual humans in danger snooping around a place that they have perfectly disposable lifeforms to get buried or shot at.
  3. Then there’s always the possibility this is a test… For the Drones or the Xenoes either or being the intended victims.
Espacio publicitario